Monday, August 25, 2008

Too Much Information man

Sunday, 24 August 2008, we went out to lunch at a Chinese restaurant. After telling the waitress that he wanted Chicken Chow Mein and egg drop soup, Kyle told the waitress that, “Daddy has a tumor in his butt.”

The waitress looked shunned for a moment while I very quickly explained that I had colon cancer and I was doing well. She finished taking our order and left. Then Marjorie and I explained the concept of "over sharing" to Kyle.

Lunch was good (I even ate a little) and we tipped the waitress very well.

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jpk said...

Can't say that anyone announced that I only have one ball at dinner, but this reminds me of a story during my treatment.

I was getting the shots to keep your red blood cell count high during treatment and there were TV commercials for the drug at the time and one of the side effects was spleen before the needle got jammed into my upper arm, I asked the nurse, "what does spleen rupture feel like?" to which I got a blank stare and then she replied, "you'll be alright" and then jammed the needle in...never got a good answer to my question and had to see that lady about 12 more times.