Thursday, January 8, 2009


I saw my surgeon, Dr. M, yesterday (7 January 2009). I'm scheduled to have my ileostomy reversed on 19 February 2009. He said the surgery won't be nearly as invasive as the last time and that my stay in the hospital could be as short a one day or as long as two weeks. (They won't discharge me until my bowels become "active" again.)

Hopefully my GI tract will cooperate and won't have to endure too much fun at the hospital.


jpk said...

What a great day 19 Feb 09 will be, not only do you get use of your colon back, but it's my birthday! Not sure who is getting the bigger present.

Andrew said...

Here's hoping that on 21 Feb your colon will be "active". I am supposing its like riding a bike and you wont forget how.

Make sure to remove dust first.

Great news hombre.

Nelson said...

Yo Doug
We are behind you. give my love to Fred and Isabel