Friday, October 30, 2009

return of the Hospital Food

First of all, I apologize in the delay on posting this.
Doug got admitted into the hospital 11pm on Wednesday evening with a temp of 101.4 F.
By the time they finished with his vitals and hooking him up to an IV, it was 2am and time for me to head home.
I talked to Doug this morning and they are keeping him for an extra day so a doctor from dangerous diseases can check him out before releasing him.

If you wish to go see him, he's at the Florida Hospital Orlando:

601 East Rollins Street
Orlando, Florida 32803

He's on the 10th floor, room 238

If you wish to contact him directly, use this number or you will be told that he has been discharged...I kid you not.

Number to contact Doug directly:

(407) 303 5600

then press 1

then 1410238

I will post another entry tomorrow as soon as I know about the status of his discharge.

- Marjorie

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