Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A few bits of Good News (for a change)

I saw my oncologist, Dr. G, on Monday, 16 November 2009, and actually got a few pieces of good news:

1. My weight has held steady at 135 pounds.

2. The MIR of my brain came back negative for cancer.

3. I do not have Lynch Syndrome. Lynch Syndrome is a defective gene that increases your risk for colon cancer from ~7% to 70%. Knowing that I don't have Lynch Syndrome doesn't actually do much for me, but it means my son, Kyle, has a slightly improved chance of living a cancer free life. And that my friends, is good news.


Anonymous said...

Doug, Just wanted you to know we are thinking about you and I am sending all the love and positive thoughts I can. Lois just sent me your blog link. Bummed to hear how long this journey had been for you. Loved the pics from Hawaii. Kyle is getting so big. I hope you have more good news soon. Take care,
Nicole Hayes (Schoenfeld)
P.S. It's pretty cold here in Minnesota... maybe you could visit and we could try to freeze the crap out Frank and his little minion friends - I will help in anyway I can!! Hang in there

jpk said...

Good news on both counts buddy! Seems like you're back to the Callaway weight...you can stand on my shoulders if you like and we could juggle over the holidays. Hope this finds you and the family well.

Anonymous said...

This is good news! You are always in my thoughts. A happy Thanksgiving to you, Marjorie and Kyle.

Patty Kilgo