Tuesday, January 5, 2010

... and Life renews its Promise

and even as Frank's nasty offspring eat away at me:

My friend John, who is ten years younger than me and survived two rounds of treatment for testicular cancer, became a father on 30 December 2009. Twins - a boy and a girl.

Congratulations to John and his lovely wife Robin.

And to Life, for letting me see it renew itself.


Sarah E. said...

Now THAT is seriously cool! TWINS, no less!! One was enough for me (she's 20 now), but go see my blog, everembellished.blogspot.com, cuz I put up three different pix from the ones I posted on Facebook. My grandson has the "Lynch nose"!!! Oh yeah, and Mom called ME today and remembered me the whole conversation, and Katie and Preston, too -- that was a renewal promise sort of, for me, cuz most times she doesn't remember me the whole conversation, and she's never called me since she's been diagnosed. Small gifts are SO huge!!

Sarah E. said...

oh yeah, p.s., I really enjoy your writing, Doug. You have a clarity of observation that catches me off-guard continually, which is a good thing. Keep it up, darlin'!

jpk said...


The twins are cooking up nicely in the NICU and we're hopeful that we'll get them home soon. Thanks for the kind words and I hope that the numbers turn in a different direction.