Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A bit of good news (Revised)

A few weeks ago I got the results of my PET scan. I was told the cancer was limited to the "pelvic region".

Well, not exactly...

It seems there was a little spot in my liver that was "suspicious". So, last week on Tuesday, 15 April 2008, I had an MRI to check-out my liver a bit more thoroughly. And the official results are...

I still have a "suspicious" spot in my liver. Specifically, I have a one centimeter spot in the upper dome of my liver. My oncologist, Dr. G, explained that there is a lot of weird stuff (my term, not his) going on in the liver and that it could be nothing. Or it could be cancer.

So here's the plan. Once I have finished my radiation and chemo treatment, I will have yet another MRI. If the spot is bigger or the same size, it's probably not cancer. On the other hand, if it has shrunk (presumably due to the chemo), it's likely a friend of Frank's.

Either way, I'm probably gonna lose a bit of my liver when Dr. M evicts Frank. If the biopsy comes back as cancerous, then I will get "more aggressive" chemo after surgery (oh joy!). If the biopsy comes back as "weird liver spot", then I will just get "aggressive" chemo. Either way I have lots of chemotherapy to look forward to. Fun, fun, fun! (Not)


jpk said...

Bummer to hear the news that you did about your liver, but in my opinion its better to hear it while its going on vice 2 years down the road when you think things are behind you and you're on the way to recovery and trying to forget about it.
Also, when I got diagnosed and started getting scanned, they found a variety of stuff with me that didn't turn out to be anything.

elc said...

Well, that stinks (the news, that is, not the prior comment). Perhaps the time to hear this news would have been after the Frank excision when they could have said that while in there anyway they checked out a spot they had noticed on your liver and confirmed it to be the proverbial "liver spot" and not a relative of Frank's. Anyway, glad the box was welcome. What ARE you planning to do when this ordeal is over?