Thursday, November 13, 2008

Anti-bucket List

Way back in April, when I started this blog, my friend John suggested that I make a list of all of the things I want to do when treatment is over. (John knows about this since he's had two rounds of treatment for testicular cancer.)

Sadly, my list always contains vague stuff like "watch my son Kyle grow-up and become an adult" and "grow old with my wife Marjorie."

Well, I finally have something concrete: "watch Kyle meet his grandma Vicki." Vicki lives in Australia and since it's a 24 hour flight to visit her, we haven't been yet.

A few months back, Marjorie suggested a solution: have everybody meet halfway in Hawaii. So, we are planning a two week vacation in early June of 2009 in Hawaii. I've been looking at renting a house in either Ka'a'awa, Oahu or Kailua, Oahu. This should be less expensive than staying at a resort and it should give Kyle and Vicki plenty of time to get to know each other.

However, I'm open to suggestions. If you have any advice about the Hawaiian islands (e.g., where to stay or what to see), I'd love to hear it.

Oh, and I'll try an add a few more things to my anti-bucket list.


jpk said...

AWESOME!!!!! I've got a buddy who spent a few years in HI, I'll ask him if he knows some good spots to hit.

Keep thinking about the list. I has originally only told myself that I'd do one thing on the list, but you know what, I pretty much did them all...guess you could go overboard, but you're not that guy. Keep dreaming up good things as this crummy chapter ends and you can move on to brighter things.


Anonymous said...

Avoid Wakiki area of Oahu as it is basically international drive with a nice beach. North Shore of Oahu is less populated, but I was 12 and don't remember much about it.
Maui was really neat, I was 35 ish. We went on a helicopter tour, whale watching, biked down the volcano and went walking in a state park. It is an odd mix of tourism luxury versus locals struggling economically.