Monday, November 17, 2008

Chemo Round #7

I'm a total wuss.

This morning I woke up dreading this next round of chemo. While the nausea is more or less under control, it lasts longer and longer each treatment. I also had some stomach "issues" last week (which was supposed to be my "good week".) All of this makes me want to finish chemo as fast as possible.

Then I look at my friend Robert (who I bumped into during round #6 of chemo). A year and a half ago, Robert was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer of the colon, peritoneum, and appendix. He was told he had four months to live. However, Robert is a fighter. He tracked down a specialist, had several major operations, several scary sounding procedures (e.g., Interperitoneal Heated Chemotherapy with MitoMycin-C and Deep Vein Thrombosis) , and chemo - lots of chemo. When I saw Robert two weeks ago, he was on round #17 (that's right, seventeen).

This of course proves I'm a wuss. Here I am whining about eight treatments and Robert has endured more than double. He is a brave man. I suck.

However, I may have the chance to redeem myself: today Dr. G, my oncologist, talked about the possibility of doing a total of twelve rounds of chemotherapy (i.e., four more after the "last" one).

Honestly, I'm not thrilled by this, but if it will extend my time in remission, I'll do it. And maybe, just maybe, I can be brave like Robert.


jpk said...

Like David Wilcox said, "its not what you're given, it's what you do with what you got..." I don't consider you a wuss. Anyone who takes a bad situation and changes it is anything but a wuss. Yes, Robert has gone through more rounds than you, but that's his journey, not yours. From what I saw at breakfast the other week, you're keeping your head up and have not resigned yourself to defeat. Keep up the good fight and you can beat this thing.

jpk said...

Hope you and yours have a great Thanksgiving.

Andrew Lopresti said...

I heard about Frank just today. May Frank rest in pieces as you fight on and conquer all 12 chemos.

I speant that last hour catching up on your blog. We have 5 year old boys at the same stages of school and Star Wars facination.

You will beat this. Take care amigo.