Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day - "Santa Claus is REAL!"

On Christmas Eve, I worked in Santa's sweatshop to produce two more Lego Star Wars creations:

It was worth it though; when Kyle saw all the kits sitting by the fireplace on Christmas morning, he yelled "Santa Claus is REAL!"

After quickly checking-out the Lego's Star Wars bounty from Santa, Kyle quickly unwrapped his other presents and discovered two more Lego's kits. Then I got to work in Kyle's sweatshop:

Again, it was all worth it. Kyle played with his new Lego's all day.

Merry (Lego's Star Wars) Christmas!

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Anonymous said...

Kyle is so lucky. Those Lego sets are awesome! What a great toy. No telling what else he will come up with to make out of those sets.

Merry Christmas,