Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Story Time

Part of Kyle's "homework" from Kindergarten is that we read to him for 15 minutes every night. Usually, Kyle picks out a book and I read it to him, but tonight he let me pick the book.

I picked Just So Stories by Rudyard Kipling. We read "How the Whale got his Throat" and "How the Leopard got his Spots".

I really love Just So Stories. They are meant to be read aloud and, even though I stumble over some of the words (dyslexics of the world untie!), I love reading the stories to Kyle.


Anonymous said...

Just to say hi, I'm still following the saga. So glad there is to be no more chemo! Here's hoping the New Year is uneventful (save for good stuff like Hawaii) and healthy. My only experience with Hawaii is case related (birds), but I can check with the FWS folks on Oahu about any recommendations for communing with same if Kyle would be interested (sounds like he may be more of a techy type). Elinor

slackdoug09 said...

Kyle likes natural stuff too. His favorite places to visit are the Florida Aquarium and Lowery Park Zoo (both in Tampa).

His has already said we need to swim with turtles, take a submarine ride, and visit the aquarium and zoo when we go to Hawaii.