Saturday, February 28, 2009

When Kyle met Harry

Harry Potter that is.

A few nights ago I asked Kyle to pick out a book to read for his homework (we have to read at least fifteen minutes every night). Kyle pointed up on the shelf and said, "one of those" - he was pointing at the Harry Potter series. So I pulled down the first book and got halfway through the first chapter before Kyle fell asleep.

The next day, Kyle was sick so we went to the doctor's. While we were waiting, we finished chapter one and then read chapters two and three. The over the next two days, we read three more chapters. Kyle seemed interested, but sometimes it's hard to tell.

Yesterday morning, the first thing out of Kyle's mouth when he woke up was, "can you read more Harry Potter to me?" I guess that means he's interested.

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Anonymous said...

Nothing better than reading. My daughter, Jessica, is going to be one year old on March 14th. She loves books too, but mostly only to taste and touch at this point. Hugs, Ben