Monday, March 9, 2009

Well, that sucks

I had my three month follow-up appointment (to go over last week's PET scan results) with my oncologist, Dr. G.

The short version is: I start chemotherapy back up in three weeks.

The long version is: I have four spots on my liver and two "little" nodules in my right lung. The new treatment will be much like the old one, only with different drugs.

I'm more than a little bummed and mildly freaked-out about all this. I was hoping that I was past all of this crap, but apparently I'm not. Still, I have lots to live for, so I will do whatever needs to be done.


jpk said...

Yep...sorry to hear that. Let me know if Robin and I can help out in any way. You're in my thoughts.

Andrew L. said...

You will beat this, hombre.

Frank can't stop Doug Lynch, Frank can only contain him for a bit.