Sunday, March 22, 2009


Friday, 20 March 2009, was a day of several firsts: it was the first day of Spring, it was my first day home from the hospital, and it was the first "birthday" of the late, great Frank the tumor.

A year ago, as the effects of the anesthesia from my colonoscopy were wearing off, my gastroenterologist told me that I had a moderate sized mass in my colon and that it was most likely malignant. A week or so later, my surgeon, Dr. M, told me that Frank was "big" and that the tumor was five to ten years old.

Five to ten years old? WTF!

That means I could have had Frank when I was 34 to 39 years old.

So, two things:

1. Friday wasn't really Frank's birthday

2. Go tell your doctor that you want a colonoscopy right now. Don't wait. Do it now.

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