Friday, March 13, 2009


I know there are folks who are watching this blog for updates, so here's another post for you.

Doug is doing well considering he just had surgery yesterday.
He is now on a clear diet, has gone for three walks around the floor and is now going to the bathroom on his own.
We finally connected with the rectal surgeon, Dr. M and the surgery went without a hitch...which is great news.

Doug's hernia was also repaired in addition to his colon being reattached. Doctor M was happy with both procedures and Doug's recovery.

He was also able to reach up and feel Doug's liver for the spots and found a hard spot not far from the place where he extracted the lump during the last surgery.

It has been needle biopsied and it was confirmed to be cancerous.

We suspected that to be the case when it showed up in the Petscan and we're going to start the new round of Chemo in two to three weeks.

Judging by the way the doctor was talking, it's possible that he could be released by early next week at the very latest.

As soon as I have a definite date of his release from the hospital, I will post another update.

- Marjorie

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