Thursday, December 10, 2009

Not exactly what I wanted to hear

On Tuesday, 8 December 2009, Marjorie and I drove over to Tampa to the Moffitt Cancer Center. (If it comes to it, Moffitt would be where I would go for a Phase 1 Clinical Trial.)

After filling-out tons of paperwork, we met with the doctor. She explained that being in a clinical trial was less about making the patient better and more about tweaking the dosage and schedule of a new cancer drug. It's kinda like donating your body to science - you're not going to get much benefit from the "experience", but you will be making the world a (slightly) better place.

Of course, this isn't really what I wanted to hear, but if my current treatment doesn't work, I will still sign-up for a trial. That way, this whole cancer thing won't be a total loss.


Anonymous said...

Doug, you have been making the world a better place for quite some time reason to quit now. tim

Sarah E. said...

hmmm I got stuck with lupus, diagnosed seven years ago. I never thought of clinical trials from quite that perspective before...makes it more worth considering, perhaps. Thanks, Doug, for all you share in this blog. I'm sure you realize this, but you touch more people's lives than you know and are an incredible influence. And damn you STILL have that same smile...I recognized you immediately! Love from Sarah Jane