Thursday, June 12, 2008

Gone baby, gone!

Way back in April, I had and MRI done and the doctors found a "suspicious" spot on my liver. Well, on 2 June 2008 I had a follow-up MRI to see how the spot reacted to the chemotherapy. If it got smaller, it was most likely cancerous and would have to be remove along with Frank.

Today I saw my oncologist, Dr. G, and he said the spot was ...

<insert drum roll>

gone! That's right, it's not even there any more.

This means either:

A. the spot was wiped-out by the low-dose chemo (very unlikely)
B. the spot was a "false positive" and wasn't really cancerous (more likely)

So that means the my surgeon, Dr. M, will not be slicing a bit off the top of my liver when he goes in to evict Frank. However, Dr. G will ask him to take a look at the top lobe of my liver and maybe "palpitate" the spot. Sounds fun, but it beats losing a chunk of my liver.

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