Thursday, September 4, 2008

Eat your heart out Jenny Craig ...

... and then throw it back up.

Way back in September of 1991, I weighed 145 pounds. I had just finished working the Summer at Callaway Gardens with the FSU Circus where I performed eight shows a week, chased 7 to 15 year old kids around eight hours a day (as part of the recreation program), worked-out three days a week, and ate reasonably nutritious food.

Over the next 16 years my weight climbed up to 190 pounds.

Now I'm "happy" to announce that I'm almost back to old weight by using the amazing Colon Cancer Weight Loss Program. Through a combination of extreme nausea, diarrhea, and just flat out not eating, I've lost 40 pounds in five months.

A couple more rounds of chemotherapy and I should be lookin' like a supermodel.


jpk said...

Damn you...I gained nearly 40 pounds during chemo...guess matter can really not be created nor destroyed, it just changes humans.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Doug!!!!!!