Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Round #3 of Chemo

I started round #3 of chemotherapy today.

Round #2 went way better than Round #1 (one "lost" day vs. four), so I hoping this one will go good too.


jpk said...


Glad to hear it's getting better. Keep on trucking and it will soon be over. Will be in the Orlando area from 17-19 Oct, give a call if you'd like to meet up depending on how you feel.

Anonymous said...

Good Luck on round three. I loved the story of Kyle and Star Wars as my also five year old grandson, Alex( of the younger set of twins) is also a huge fan.

Anonymous said...

Okay I just found out that when you enjoy watching Star Wars you are considered a nerd- SO BE IT! I have 2 boy nerds and 2 girl nerds then. I however am not a nerd- I can not sit through one of those movies- It may have something to do with having 4 kids and a husband to tend to while they are watching every Star Wars movie known to man! Take care Doug, Much Love, Tracy

JoEllen said...

Hi Doug. I'm glad that the chemo is easier than it was. Sounds like your progress is good. I think of you a lot. Good thoughts come your way all the time. JoEllen