Thursday, May 29, 2008

Life goes on: Kyle's new tattoos

Like me, Kyle got a some "tattoos" yesterday.

Marjorie and I picked Kyle up from Pre-K yesterday afternoon and, as I was buckling-up his seat-belt, I noticed this black ball-point pen scribble all over his left forearm.

"Did you have an accident with a pen?" I asked.

"No, Armando give me tattoo," said Kyle. (Armando is one of Kyle's buddies at school.)

Kyle then proceeded to show me his tattoos: a scribble on the left arm, some dots on the right arm, a "tribal" tat on the back of his left calf, and a few dots on his right leg.

Apparently the boys decide to do the Miami Ink thing during "quiet time" instead of napping.

Sadly, all of the tattoos were removed during last night's bath, but that just leaves more free area for new creativity during quiet time today. Life goes on.

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