Friday, June 12, 2009

Hawaii: Monday, 8 June

On Monday we decided to take a jet lag recovery day (and wait for Vicki's luggage). To pass the time, we built a mighty sand castle:

Sadly, it washed away when the tide came in:

But by then, Vicki's luggage arrived. Not only did this mean Vicki had clothes for the rest of the visit, but it meant Kyle could play with the cool Australian gifts that Vicki brought. These included a bullroarer:


and a digeridoo:

Later that night we went to dinner at the Crouching Lion:


ktjane09 said...

you don't know me But i am related to you My mother is Sarah Jane Nickel and my grand mother is Lois Jane Lynch/Nickel and one of her brothers was Norman and i believe you are his son. Well Hello! Also i don't know if your religous but i hope god gives you the strength you need dealing with "FRANK".

Katherine Freeman

slackdoug09 said...

Thanks Katherine. Norman Lynch is my grandfather - I think that means we are second cousins (even though I'm your mother's age).

Take care,