Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hawaii: Wednesday, 10 June

Wednesday we woke up to find chickens in the yard:

It turns out there are feral chickens all over the island of Oahu. "Our" chickens have been back for a visit (and some yummy bread) everyday since they first showed up.

After (another) leisurely morning, Kyle and I dropped the girls off at the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet and we headed off to the Atlantis Submarine.

The subs are kept off shore (over the dive area), so we had to take a boat out to them. On the way, we got a good view of Diamond Head:

Once we got to the subs, we boarded:

packed ourselves in:

and checked-out the sea life:

After we got ashore and collected Marjorie and Vicki, we went "home" and buried Kyle on the beach:

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brye said...

sooooo jealous... I would have loved to hope on the sub. did you get to steer the boat? you could have pretended to be a pirate.... :)