Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hawaii: Sunday, 7 June

We woke up very early ('cause we were still on East coast time), had a leisurely breakfast, and then headed to the airport to meet Vicki.

Kyle and I have never met Vicki and Marjorie hasn't seen her in eleven years. When Kyle was born, Vicki's employer screwed up her vacation so she wasn't able to come to America. Since then, it hasn't been practical for us to fly to Australia (imagine a 24+ hour flight with a toddler) or for Vicki to come to the States.

When we got to the airport, we began the Great Lei Search. Marjorie said we would be dead meat if we didn't have a lei for Vicki we she arrived, but all for the lei stands inside the airport we closed since it was early Sunday morning. After walking around the entire airport and asking lots of people, we finally found a lei stand (outside of the parking deck near the international terminal) and headed to the gate outside of US Customs. Then we waited:

And waited. And waited some more. And then Vicki walked up:

After lots of hugs and a few introductions, we headed up to the Qantas desk; it seemed that Vicki's bag decided to take a later flight to Hawaii. The nice lady at the desk apologised, gave Vicki $100 to buy some new clothes, and promised that the bag would be delivered to the house the next day. Luckily, Vicki packed one change of clothes in her carry-on bag, so we were in good shape.

We got back to the house and all of us played at the beach for a while before we went to lunch at Uncle Bobo's:

The we headed up the Kamehameha Highway to explore:

Then we headed back to the house and called it an early night.

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