Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hawaii: Thursday, 11 June

Originally, we were going to go to Hanauma Bay on Thursday, but turns out that it was King Kamehameha Day (which is a state holiday). So rather than fight the crowds at the beach, we went to the Bishop Museum.

The Bishop Museum is made up of several buildings, each dedicated to a subject area. We headed for the science building first. Most of the displays concerned volcanoes:

Kyle piloted a model submarine around an underwater volcano:

and Marjorie and Kyle caused a volcano to erupt:

Next, we went to a presentation called, "Meet me at the Hot Spot". The presentation included all kinds of stuff about volcanoes: types of volcanic eruptions, types of lava, the history of volcanoes in Hawaii, and small furnace with molten lava. It was very cool.

When the presenter was explaining various types of eruptions, she had Kyle come up and shake-up a two liter bottle of soda water. Kyle shook the bottle with all of the enthusiasm and energy that only a six-year-old boy can muster, so when she opened the bottle, the presenter got soaked. Really, really soaked.

Once she dried off, she had another boy create a secondary "eruption" using Mentos and a very cool launch tube. (More on that later.)

Sadly, the batteries in my camera died about then. So I don't have any pictures of the soda eruptions, the molten lava, or the rest of the museum (Polynesian culture, Hawaiian history, and the planetarium).

However, Kyle found a Mentos launching tube in the gift shop. So on the way home, we bought some batteries and a two litter bottle of Diet Coke.

When we got home, we did our own science experiment:

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