Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hawaii: Saturday, 6 June

Kyle, Marjorie, and Doug's great Hawaii adventure began at 6:00 AM EDT when my good friend Jimmy took us to the airport. After the usual airport security hassles, we got to our gate and waited for our flight to Atlanta.

In Atlanta we caught our connection to Honolulu; an eight an a half hour flight. Kyle flew like a pro. He and I read his books, he ate his fabulous airline food, he took a nap (gasp!), and he and Marjorie worked his puzzles in his puzzle books.

We finally landed at 7:30 PM EDT, picked up our one piece of checked luggage, and got our rental car.

After "exploring" Oahu's freeways for a bit (the directions to the house were a bit vague in one spot), we arrived at our new home away from home. Kyle ran out to the beach behind the house and "met" the Pacific ocean for the first time.

This is view from the back porch:

(The small island in the distance is called the Chinaman's Hat.)

This is the mountain in front of the house:

After a quick meal we all went to bed so we could be rested when we picked up my mother-in-law, Vicki, at the airport the next day.

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Laura (and Jonathan) said...

What gorgeous photos and such a lovely view! I think that beach near Chinamen's Hat is where they filmed the Karate Kid, and some Jurassic Park scenes were filmed near there.

Enjoy the vacation! Can't wait to read more!